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I'm currently working on a portal using jQuery portlets/sortable/draggable that also includes a content management system, all in ASP.NET MVC 2. Only administrators are able to change the layout/content of the site currently.

Each view gets the personalization for a page (from the base controller) based on Controller and Action. Then the view loops through the widgets and calls renderaction for each of them.

Currently, I have View + "Edit" actions on each view to set the page into edit mode. As I'm duplicating code there must be a better way, but I can't see it for the life of me!

How would you implement an action that allows each View to be edited?

public ActionResult Legal()
    PageModel model = GetPageSetting();
    return View("Portal", model.PageSetting.Master.Path, model);

[Authorize(Roles = "Administrator")]
public ActionResult LegalEdit(EditorModel e)
    PageModel model = GetPageSetting("Legal", "Home", true);
    return View("Portal", model.PageSetting.Master.Path, model);

//This is in the base controller

protected PageModel GetPageSetting(string action, string controller, bool isEditing)
    PersonalizationProcess personalizationProcess = new PersonalizationProcess();

    string path = string.Format("~/{0}/{1}", controller, action);
    string userName;
    bool isAuthenticated;

    if (User == null)
        userName = "TestUser";
        isAuthenticated = false;
        userName = User.Identity.Name;
        isAuthenticated = User.Identity.IsAuthenticated;

    PageSetting setting = personalizationProcess.GetPageSetting(userName, isAuthenticated, path);
    PageModel model = new PageModel();
    model.Act = action;
    model.Con = controller;
    model.IsEditing = isEditing;
    model.PageSetting = setting;
    return model;
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Without looking at the code, is hard to give you specific advice on how to avoid code duplication. But in general you want to "Extract Method/Extract Class" 'till you can't extract any more :)... Also, you can use some of the MVC infrascructure to help you do some of the repetitive code ie. ModelBinders and ActionFilters.

Maybe you can post some of the view/edit actions' code to point you in a better direction

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I've added the code for one view of the portal page. The site has to be SEO as well, so I can't just render the widgets and make ajax callbacks either. –  Simon Hazelton Jul 27 '10 at 20:26

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