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I've got contact form 7 installed. I've followed the documentation to add tracking code to the : additional settings field in wordpress ( but then recieved pageTracker object errors.

Anyone else experienced this before?

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Not sure if you've resolved this but I am having the same problem...

I've made some changes and am waiting patiently for analytics to track some events but I believe I have found the problem...

The code that the Contact Form is suggesting to use is


I have since done some research to discover that this code is the traditional code that I am not using to track analytics data... I have implemented the Async tracking code which requires this implementation:

_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', "/mysite/thank-you.html"]); 

More information can be found at Google -

You should check what google analytics code you are using within your page - if you see _gaq then it is async

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I've actually resolved this by having it visit a psuedo page -> /?completed=1 ; then adding this url as a goal in google analytics. a hack but works for my situation. P.s. thanks for your insight! – chrisjlee Oct 28 '10 at 3:03
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As stated in the previous comment above i ended up solving this issue by adding a psuedo page:

the page url becomes:

/?completed=1 ;

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