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I am working in Lotus Notes 8 using the Domino Designer to update a shared action under:

Shared Code >> Actions

Every night when the database refreshes my changes are being wiped out. Other files have a do not refresh option in them but, the actions do not. Does anyone know how I can update the file to not be over-written (without updating the database file name to a non-existing one and leaving the nightly refresh on)?

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You can select the design properties of the entire list of Shared Actions and turn off design refresh/replace, but it doesn't appear you can control this on an individual action

I clicked Shared Code > Actions > and then right-clicked on "Shared Actions" in the designer, and clicked Design Properties. There I saw the "Do not allow design refresh/replace to modify"

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Very cool, thanks for your help. – Corv1nus Jul 28 '10 at 12:55
You can't do it on an individual shared action because of the way shared actions are implemented. They rely on a 'share-id' rather than a design element Note ID, or name, or spot in the list. It makes using them in a templated environment tricky. It MAY cause problems down the road (well, we're already 3 years down the road here) with the forms and views pointing at a share-id that is in use in the template that is not the same action as in the database. – David Navarre Oct 15 '13 at 16:47

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