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I have an "Employee" table with an "EmployeeID" column and a column representing Employee's Boss (BossID) which in turn is an employee in the "Employee" table. How can I trace the hierarchy from a given "EmployeeID" to the top most Boss. I do not want a self join approach in this, also I am using SQL Server 2005.

Thank you


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Are you searching for a kind of stored procedure? I think that's impossible with this database layout without self-joining or using a stored procedure. – theomega Jul 27 '10 at 21:34
I've added a tag hierarchical-data. This question and related questions have come up scores of times on Stack Overflow. You can save lots of time by doing a little research before asking. – Bill Karwin Jul 27 '10 at 21:43

You have to use some sort of self join basically with the table structure you describe but can use a recursive CTE for this to handle arbitrary depths of hierarchy if that was the concern?

SELECT EmployeeID, BossId
FROM Employee where EmployeeID = @EmployeeID
SELECT e.EmployeeID, e.BossId
FROM Employee e JOIN cte ON cte.BossId = e.EmployeeID
SELECT EmployeeID 
FROM cte
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