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I have a view based project working with a UINavigationController.

The RootViewController performs operations for writing to a data model when a new entry is made.

I have an add (+) button on my main screen that adds an entry with a timestamp and records this to the data model.

I want to click the add button, browse a list of assets, and record an entry that includes an asset URL so I can play the asset.

I hit the add button, I then launch a new XIB as such:

pickerViewController = [[MyPickerViewController alloc] 
initWithNibName:@"MyPickerViewController" bundle:nil];

//---set the property of the second view with the DatePicker view in the                current          view---
pickerViewController.myURL = importVideoURL;    

THEN, once I have grabbed the associated asset URL that I would like to store with my entry, I remove the view from the superview to get back to my main view using:

[self.view removeFromSuperview]

My Problem: I can in no way, find any notification or method like viewDidAppear etc that allows me to continue execution back inside my rootViewController where I can write the Entry.

What am I missing?


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You will want to read Apple's navigation controller documentation and work through pushing and popping view controllers. When you pop the picker view controller off the stack, you can then call -viewDidAppear: in the root view controller to proceed with data model updates.

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I'll review this and flag once I can confirm although it sounds like the correct path, thanks. –  Lance Jul 27 '10 at 23:50

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