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Okay, this is a simple question. Which VNC/RDP app for iPad has features (maybe such as developer-friendly keyboard layouts) that are good for using Xcode remotely? Maybe some of you Mac developers out there have an iPad, and have tried using Xcode remotely on your iPad using some VNC / RDP app. The question is, which one is BEST for WORKING IN XCODE?

LogMeIn Ignition / iTeleport / Anything, they are all exactly the same

What do you think?

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Coding on a tiny tablet with no keyboard... ergh... –  Matti Virkkunen Jul 27 '10 at 23:14
So get a keyboard dock or a bluetooth keyboard. Barely use my macbook anymore except to code. –  jer Jul 27 '10 at 23:35
@jer: Do you also wear a funny hat and spend half of your time in a coffee shop? –  Matti Virkkunen Jul 27 '10 at 23:38
AFAIK there is no RDP app for ipad that works with MAC. @Matti: its not that you would want to do this allll the time, but in some situations it is obviously a plus to have the ability without having a heavy and expensive MBP with you. Honestly the only really upfront problem I see with it is that the onscreen keyboard on the iPad would have a crappy layout if you couldn't access numbers, brackets, or move the cursor with arrow keys. –  Royce Jul 28 '10 at 0:43
@Matti, 'fraid not. –  jer Jul 28 '10 at 1:17

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Little late but someone might want to know... "Screens" works good. To much lag to test games but other than that its fine.


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Teamviewer might be another option worth checking out.

A possible issue while doing what you're trying to do is that you may not be able to use drag and drop as intented.

There is a work around though: instead of dragging try control clicking on the object you wanted to drag from. The black pop up box that lists the object's outlets etc will appear, and from there you can left-click drag from the circles to wherever you want.

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I can share information on Mocha VNC for iPad (the paid version - currently EUR4.99) usability for remote xcode development. Overall, may be usable in some 911 scenarios. But following issue make it less usable for me for the "regular" work:

  • Cmd, Ctrl, Alt combinations from the bluetooth physical keyboard are not working. Although I should tell that soft-keys they provide do work. e.g. you tap ctrl-win and up - all as soft keys on a mini keyboard line and it works. I'd prefer not to use an onscreen keyboard at all, but appreciate there is a workaround.This mini-soft keyboard line only covers very small bottom area, so it is not that bad option.

Above alone is enough for me to tell that Mocha VNC for iPad probably is not the best for remote xcode development. Hopefully others, with more expensive VNC clients will share their experiences :).

Actually, the non-ability of Mocha VNC to work with any kind of keyboard when connecting to Ubuntu pushed me to try one more app: PocketCloud. For free, you have an option to try all of the features, just on one connection at most.

For mac connections and xcode though following appears to me as an issue:

  • Though I learned now that limits of Cmd/Alt/Ctrl keys usage from a physical keyboard on iPad is somehow Apple's fault and not VNC client manufactures. PocketCloud doesn't have a neat option of those command keys to be placed on a bottom toolbar. So its command keys keyboard is covering a huge area.
  • Another one would be an ability to do drag. Quite working in xcode and other programs, but in iphone simulator, I rarely got it working for scrollviews, looked like the drag area was not enough to initiate the move, especially the horizontal one.

If I have not had bought Mocha already, I'do go with PocketCloud. I should say Mocha is actually quite buggy, e.g. after returning from background.

Until VNC clients will be able to capture cmd/alt/crtl from the physical keyboard, any of them will be quite suboptimal for me. But again, better than nothing!

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