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Automapper is a object-object mapper where we can use to project domain model to view model in mvc.

Is there equivalent implementation in Python for use in Django(Template)/Pylons ? Or is there necessity for this in Python world?

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You should accept godswearhats' answer – object-object mapping is not available for Django/Pylons, and usually isn't necessary in most Python cases, mostly because Python is dynamically typed and allows you to do most of the things object-object mapping is designed to do in other ways. – Fabian Fagerholm Mar 21 '11 at 14:43
@Fabian/@godswearhats - What about caching objects to an external service? Most libraries in python use the built-in pickle library which has issues with objects and nested object graphs so this could be a use case for requiring an automapper. – longda Aug 23 '12 at 19:19

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This generally isn't necessary in Python. We have some pretty complex domain models and we're able to use them in our views easily, without noticing any performance issues, and we serve millions of page views a month.

Also remember that "view" in Django == "controller" in MVC, and "template" in Django is "view" in MVC. Hence MTV rather than MVC. Something that tripped me up initially :-)

If there's some specific issue you're running into, post that as a question too ...

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Yes, There is.

ObjectMapper is a class for automatic object mapping. It helps you to create objects between project layers (data layer, service layer, view) in a simple, transparent way.

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