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There was a C program written for a contest that was formatted in ASCII art as a Japanese character. When compiled and ran it printed out another program formatted in a different Japanese character, then another, then finally it printed out the first again.

I was looking for the code to that and could not find it on the internet. I dont remember what contest nor what the name of the program was.


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The International Obfuscated C Code Contest:

I cannot find that specific program, but I will keep looking. When I find it I will edit my answer.


I think you may be referring to the dhyang entry on this page:

Edit: Above site is down. Here is again:

dhyang.c 2000 Don Yang

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Yes thats it, i didnt remember it having a starting point, but that was the exact program i was looking for. – Bryan Bueter Dec 2 '08 at 18:52

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