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i have a problem with the safari browser and our set-cookie. Safari is ignoring our set-cookies completely while FF and IE accept and send the cookies. The Cookie setting page is not a redirection, direct HTTP 200 with set-cookie.

Is there a special character or malformed set-cookie that causes Safari to ignore the cookies completely?

The following Cookies are sent:

CURL output:

Set-Cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId=rdmpn1b4eckozzjns0voon33; path=/

Set-Cookie: SHOPPERID=jZlotLr6HESiqoB/3F0brg==; expires=Wed, 28-Jul-2060 01:09:04 GMT;path=/

Set-Cookie: FVISIT=2010?N7??28??; expires=Wed, 28-Jul-2060 01:09:04 GMT; path=/

Set-Cookie: STOCKMCD=Direct=2010/07/28 10:09:04; expires=Tue, 26-Oct-2010 01:09:04 GMT; path=/

Safari Developer Tools:

Set-Cookie:ASP.NET_SessionId=xqf3eui1r2fce4e30ogh2145; path=/, SHOPPERID=C/lG3XGVPEa7QgGcsqt3yg==; expires=Wed, 28-Jul-2060 01:15:26 GMT; path=/, FVISIT=2010N728ú; expires=Wed, 28-Jul-2060 01:15:26 GMT; path=/, STOCKMCD=Direct=2010/07/28 10:15:26; expires=Tue, 26-Oct-2010 01:15:26 GMT; path=/

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With default privacy settings Safari rejects cookies from domains other than user visited. For example, if page from example.com contains resources from example.net, example.net is not allowed to set cookies.

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Take a look at the answers to HTTP headers encoding/decoding in Java. It looks as if the Set-Cookie header being sent has an character without a valid encoding. It seems that IE and Firefox are less strict than Safari.

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