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I need to make a journal, and I want to have a "recommended books" on the side of the page within the last page of the journal, but I couldn't find anything that would give me this result. I'm already using multicols package for the content and i cant see how a graphicx package would help me out.

I want to have a nice blue background with rounded corners too, help is welcome ^^.

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Try using the textpos package for placing the box and the fancybox package for formatting the box.

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If you are already using multicol, just make it another column and draw a box around it with the usual techniques. Maybe not the fanciest solution, but it seems like it should work. Use \newcolumn in the multicol environment to put the sidebar in its own column. For your fancy boxes, try the fancybox package. With it, you can draw boxes with rounded corners.

On the other hand, this guy gets super fancy and uses the TikZ package to get colors and all sorts of stuff.

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