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I am receiving a javascript error whose source line is in the jquery javascript library:

uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #

I know what this error is: it usually happens if you try something like:


However, I am struggling to debug it. It should be straightforward if I could just get a stack-trace. But Firebug refuses to either break-on-error or provide a stack trace.

I have tried clicking the "Break on error" button which is at the top left of Firebug's Console pane. I have also selected "Show Stack Trace with Errors" under the Console menu. But the exception still gets outputted without breaking and without a stack trace. Is there some other option in Firebug I could use... any tricks for debugging this message?

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Download the development version of the jQuery library. In the jQuery function, add a console.log call to whatever selector was passed in. When you get your exception, the list of printed selectors should let you figure out where your code is going wrong.

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For debugging try:




It will output stack traces into the FB console.

I think the problem is that you are trying to select an empty ID ("#") which throws the error. Jquery is probably parsing/looking for the id of "", which is an empty string using css selectors.

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You can try using the Javascript Stacktrace tool (there's even a bookmarklet version). You might also try the debuggers built into Safari or Chrome... unless of course your problem is specific to Firefox.

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