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What are some good code snippet managers for OS X?

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Xcode 4 (currently in preview) includes a code snippet manager.

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he said 'good'. –  Brandon Aug 5 '10 at 13:44

I also just found out about Dash, it's lion only but free and looks great!

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Wow - this looks cool. Why is it free? A general word of caution: If you find yourself copying and pasting lots of snippets then you're doing it wrong. Anything you need more than once, make a method that does it for you. Otherwise you end up with repetitive, impossible to maintain code all over the place. –  n13 Apr 25 '12 at 8:36
It's not free. You have to unlock it with an in-app purchase. –  Jerome Baum Jun 24 '12 at 17:23
oups, is that new, or it has always been the case? –  tlamadon Jun 27 '12 at 17:57

Have a look at http://www.codeboxapp.com/, available via the Mac App Store.

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Most popular apps for OS X are www.snippetsapp.com and codecollector. The first one is better in looks and features.

XCode 4 has snippets, but they can't be tagged or grouped, so it's not going to scale. They are presented as library objects with a combo to select one of three available categories: os x, iphone, or custom (you can't add more). Looks to me like a half-assed implementation.

I just visited codebarrel and eew! flash interface, register wall, free up to 25 snippets, no mention of exporting to desktop. Not the way to go these days.

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snippetsapp.com is now snippets.me. –  Vladimir Prudnikov Jul 9 '13 at 12:05
Didn't like snippets very much. Too fussy to decide which one I should install. In the end I tried both. Didn't try them in depth, but here's what put me off. The snippets.me variant doesn't have syntax highlighting (v0.8). The snippetsapp.com variant can't paste code inside IntelliJ (and it also crashed on the second attempt). –  dev Sep 15 '13 at 2:35

Disclaimer: I'm a founder and developer of Snippets.

Snippets is a code snippets manager that available for Mac and Windows and supports sync natively it's free. Recently we introduced a feature called Distributors. It allows you to re-use code snippets from Snippets in your IDE or editor natively.

Xcode is one of the IDEs that we supported initially. Please take a look at this demo on YouTube that demonstrated using Snippets Distributor for Xcode in action.

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I think Willow is worth a look, seems pretty full featured and I like how it works.

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Try http://snipt.net/ Web/cloud base, open source, and sharable, searchable Snippets manager.

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Code collector still needs some features is is very simple. It is now stable but needs far more investment. The developer does not seem to be very mature in his coding ability.

Web based stuff is a fail for me as my main work code is private simply don't trust them. I have my own backup/sync methods. When I share code I use these but not as a MAIN snippet manager.

Snippets is very good, the best of all currently, but it needs some work on the UI. Lack of a widescreen view is annoying.

Codebox is still very new but seems to be shaping up it was done by a guy from Snippets who left Snippets to do his own thing - see their sites for info on that. What that means for the future I have no idea.

Currently I think Snippets has the edge but the others are catching up now. Codebox is very promising and is very lowly priced currently it is a steal. Code Collector is not worth the price it should be much lower unless they speed up development.

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http://www.codeboxapp.com is great.... cheap and feature rich.

It has syntax highlighting, tags/groups/folders/smart folders and dropbox/cloud integration for sharing.

Killer feature for me though is toolbar shortcut to snippets. With auto-paste enabled it can be a little as 2 clicks to paste a snippet.

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But Code Barrel is better and I think they are even working on a plug-in for Xcode... the url is www.codebarrel.com

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I won't put my companies private code into a hosted solution or for that matter my hobby code I do at home. And by private I mean every single character of my code is private outside of the company. –  Bob Dec 2 '10 at 20:54
personal choice, just like using hosted email, facebook, etc... I guess if you could figure out where that datafarm was, break in without being seen, gank the rack server that was hosting that bit of code and made it out alive that would be something but if your code is worth all that then I wouldn't put it there either. –  Zdaxxy Mar 11 '11 at 15:35

My favorite is still Snippet from Fuel Collective.

It is very simple with no organization features but powerful in its simplicity.

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Another vote for CodeBox. I used Snippets for quite a while, but have since switched to CodeBox after my snippets database was corrupted.

The structure of CodeBox is different than Snippets in that each snippet can have assets. A real world example would be storing a few versions of a similar query. Let's say I had a query for pulling a report of users from a database, but wanted a separate query saved for active, vs inactive users, or users with an order history vs not having one.

CodeBox lets me store these versions of the same snippet as "assets" under one snippet entry. This is a great way to avoid the confusion of similarly named snippets that I'd have to search for separately in an structure like Snippets has.

Unfortunately, no demo was available for the app before purchasing, but there were some YouTube videos out there that swayed me to just buy it.

The author has some videos on the app site, but there's no audio to accompany what's in the video, so it's not as helpful as it could be in describing the other app features.


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Alfred comes with a snippet tool that works across apps. Does backups as well.

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