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What do you think are good steps to have on a software release checklist -- that is, one to fill out after all testing is done and the software is ready to be released to the outside world QA?

We are working on a Desktop solution developing on Microsoft .NET (3.5) Platform. This is a product that we are developing for our company - A Manufacturing Resource Planning System. Our developing environment comprised of following tools:

The reason I'm asking this question 'cause I would like maintain a simple (and effective) method of Release Management for myself. When I see this method is effective and I can track release changes and delivering better releases. I'll share this with my management team.


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What kind of software? Is it web based? Desktop App? Client/Server? How is it delivered? DVD/Boxed, downloaded, thrown at cars driving by? –  NotMe Jul 28 '10 at 5:21
Updated. Hope, this will be more clear query to understand. Thanks for asking :) –  Ramiz Uddin Jul 28 '10 at 5:43
I haven't yet had the chance to fully explore the topic, but I like what I'm reading about "continuous deployment" –  Paul McKenzie Jul 28 '10 at 9:20

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Like most things, there is no "fit all" checklist and it depends on your business, the application, the market, who is your user, the degree of security needed, etc. So I'll give you my approach.

We like to use iterative development with a "definition of done" that covers most things that you usually put at the end, in the painful release "phase". We do that because we can potentially release the software at the end of any feature or user story we built. It makes release painless.

Our definition of done includes things like updating the release note, taking a screenshot of the feature in action, updating the web page, updating the documentation, etc.

Therefore, the release checklist is reduced to:

  • Create branche in repository
  • Upload updated installer & website
  • Publish the news and send the newsletter

(like I said, you may require additional steps depending on your business)

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