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In .net MDI application the menu of child form automatically is merged to the menu of parent form. Is there a way to do similar thing with the tool bars.The concept is to send the toolbar of active child to the parent toolbar stripe.

I found http://community.devexpress.com/forums/p/5696/24663.aspx but could not achieve it.

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It can be done if following way . More detail could be found in this blog. Both forms should have a toolstrip.

       //In Parent form
        protected override void OnMdiChildActivate(EventArgs e)
            base.OnMdiChildActivate(e); //REQUIRED
            HandleChildMerge(); //Handle merging

        private void HandleChildMerge()
            IChildForm ChildForm = ActiveMdiChild as IChildForm;
            if (ChildForm != null)
                ToolStripManager.Merge(ChildForm.ChildToolStrip, tsParent);

   public partial class frmChild : Form, IChildForm
   interface IChildForm
        ToolStrip ChildToolStrip { get; set; }
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