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I am uploading data from a csv file with a GeoPt column in it. I have the GeoPt column data in quotes like this: SomeData,"54.321,-123.456",MoreData

My bulkloader.yaml file has an entry like this: - property: location external_name: LOCATION # Type: GeoPt Stats: 1 properties of this type in this kind.

When I do the upload and go to the DataStore viewer I see the location has been uploaded as a string instead of a GeoPt. I'm not sure what the proper way to import this would be. Perhaps it requires an import_transform?

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Create a file and add this method in it:

def geo_converter(geo_str):
    if geo_str:
        lat, lng = geo_str.split(',')
        return db.GeoPt(lat=float(lat), lon=float(lng))
    return None

Then add this in bulkloader.yaml:

Add import for uploadutil:

- import: uploadutil

And add property:

- property: location
      external_name: LOCATION
      import_transform: uploadutil.geo_converter
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If you get NameError global name 'db' is not defined while uploading data, add line

 from google.appengine.ext import db

to file

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