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From my current process in .NET I can get a list of all its threads. Is it possible to find out what kind of thread it is? To get details if it's for example a worker, IO, CLR, backgroud or main thread?

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There is not going to be a one-size-fits-all solution for doing this.

  • You can check the Thread.IsBackground property to see if it is a background thread (that is according to the definition of background that the property is using that is).
  • You can take advantage of the Thread.Name name property to identify it later.
  • You can use thread local storage to stuff information "into" a thread which you can extract later to identify it.
  • You can use the Thread.IsThreadPoolThread to see if it is a thread managed by the thread pool.

Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. I think you are going to find it difficult to identify a thread without having attached some kind of information to it ahead of time.

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