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i have the following key:


so i have clustered index and primary key on ID column. Now i need to drop clustered index (i want to create new clustered index on another column), but retain primary key. Is it possible?

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I agree with @Demas but what edition of SQL Server are you on? (e.g. Enterprise/Standard). Do you have to worry about concurrent users? Do you have other non clustered indexes on the table? – Martin Smith Jul 28 '10 at 7:47
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It's not possible in one statement, but because DDL is transactional in MSSQL, you can simply do everything inside a transaction to prevent other sessions accessing the table while it has no primary key:

begin tran
alter table dbo.[Table] drop constraint pk_id
alter table dbo.[Table] add constraint pk_id primary key nonclustered (id)
commit tran
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awesome solution!!! Thanks alot – skaeff Jul 28 '10 at 11:08

It is not possible, as the index is a physical implementation of the constraint.

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