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I'm having trouble getting this layout to work in IE7:

<span class="box">Headline<a href="more">More...</a></span>

.box {
 display: block;

.box a {
 display: inline;
 float: right;

All browsers display it in the right manner;

Headline                            More...

But IE7 makes this:


Any ideas on fixing this? I tried setting the a to block, inline-block, anything, didn't work. Also with some often used fixes like box-model etc.

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Try to put the <a> tag at the beginning of the .box

<span class="box"><a href="more">More...</a>Headline</span>
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Oh wow, you are a god! Thanks you so much - too bad I can only give one upvote, you saved me a day full of try and error! – Florian Peschka Jul 28 '10 at 7:36

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