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i am making a project in which i ahve shedule somthing happen after a certain period of time, i calculate that time an pass that time in sleep method. if i again changes the time then i want to end previous thread and start a new thread. so i want to know how to end the thread which is in sleep method without executing it's run method.

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Can you give more info on the language you are using? – Raghuram Jul 28 '10 at 7:31
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I assume Java when you are programing for Blackberry?

If yes, don't use Thread.sleep() to wait, but instead wait() on a monitor, which you can then notifyAll(), i.e.

private Object waitObject = new Object();

public void doWait() {
  synchronized (waitObject) {
    waitObject.wait(10*1000); // wait up to 10 seconds

public void wakeUp() {
  synchronized (waitObject) {

The synchronized blocks are important, as you need to own the monitor you want to wait on or notify on.

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