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I'm getting list of files via PropFindMethod:

DavMethod pFind = new PropFindMethod(url, DavConstants.PROPFIND_ALL_PROP, DavConstants.DEPTH_1);
MultiStatus multiStatus = pFind.getResponseBodyAsMultiStatus();
MultiStatusResponse[] responses = multiStatus.getResponses();
for (int i = 0; i < responses.length; i++) {
    DavPropertySet properties = responses[i].getProperties(200);

but properties does't contain any information about revisions of resource. How can I get this information?

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Live DeltaV properties are not reported with PROPFIND allprop, see RFC 3253. You probably need the properties DAV:checked-in, DAV:checked-out, and DAV:version-history, or the DAV:version-history report.

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how can i get this properties in terms of jackrabbit api? – kilonet Jul 30 '10 at 7:28
I guess you need a different propFindType, and supply a DavPropertyNameSet. – Julian Reschke Jul 31 '10 at 8:14

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