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I was employed as a C programmer, and that is why I choice this company. I have been here 4 years. However, the company is thinking of changing our product to a different programming language (Java). I can understand the need for change. However, I don't want to learn a different language when I was employed specifically to do C programming.

Do I have any defenses I can use to defend myself against using a different language?

Many thanks

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Imo in our job learning new stuff and using diffrent technologies in diffrent career stages is a must. If you're a good programmer you will quickly learn new technologies and you will master them just like old ones. –  ŁukaszW.pl Jul 28 '10 at 7:43
Why you don't want to switch into JAVA language? What is the problem? –  Siddiqui Jul 28 '10 at 7:45
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You can't defend yourself against changes like this. You either accept the language change as a new string to your bow (so to speak) or you move to another job. But if you stick with one skill, the size of the pool of jobs you can jump into steadily shrinks. I've used at least half-a-dozen languages in my career, and suspect I'll have to learn another couple before I retire.

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Get a new job, where they need c programmers.

A company will move on, you are just a cog in the wheels and if you don't play along they will fire you.

Alternatively, grow up and learn a new language. It can't hurt and you may learn something about your profession and yourself in the process.

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