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Is it possible to access JSTL's forEach variable via code from within the loop?

<c:forEach items="${elements}" var="element">
    <% element.someMethod(); %>
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Well, I believe "element" is stored in the page context.

<c:forEach items="${elements}" var="element">
    <% ((Element) pageContext.getAttribute("elements")).someMethod(); %>
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Just out of idle curiosity, where'd you find this method of access? –  Ken Gentle Dec 2 '08 at 20:17
I've put things in session and request contexts many times for use in a JSP. Plus I knew that the page context is like them. –  sblundy Dec 2 '08 at 21:25
minor fix: pageContext.getAttribute("element") instead of pageContext.getAttribute("elements") –  Maria Ioannidou Apr 15 '13 at 12:44

Edit following the correction of the example:

Yes, it is possible to access the var inside the c:forEach

Here's an example:

<c:forEach items="${elements}" var="element">

See c:forEach in the JSTL Documentation.

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