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In order to learn GTK programming, I am building a simple GTK application that reads files in a directory and displays them as icons. I am trying to build something like the Nautilus icon view file explorer. I know the right pane uses GTK IconView but what does the left pane use to display list of places? Also I have looked at the Nautilus source code but find it pretty complex for me, can anybody give me a simple example of using GTK IconView in C++? thanks.

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I'm guessing that the left pane uses the following:

  • Places - gtk.TreeView
  • Information - Custom layout made up of gtk.Image and gtk.Label widgets
  • Tree - gtk.TreeView
  • History - gtk.TreeView
  • Notes - gtk.TextView
  • Emblems - gtk.Layout with gtk.Image widgets positioned on it

As for the Nautilus window, I've heard that when showing in Icon View and Compact View modes, it uses a custom surface as the gtk.IconView was not deemed good enough. The List View mode most likely uses a gtk.TreeView.

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