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Can't install or update Evernote 3.5.5 on windows-7-x64. Currently have Evernote 3.5.4 running and after auto-update it's still 3.5.4... I've also tried uninstalling 3.5.4 and installing 3.5.5 and finally I ended up restoring yesterdays backup because Evernote didn't install at all. (Installer ran fine but no files on the disk after the installation.)

Any ideas? Thanks

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I have exacly the same problem on windows-7-x32. Trying to update to Evernote_3.5.5.2672. Deleted all Evernote files and maps doesn't help. An older install (Evernote_3.5.0.862.exe) doesn't work either. Installations seem to run succesfull, but nothing is actualy installed.

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Finally solved the problem by completely removing the old version (including registry entries) and reinstall the new version on the "clean" system.

Used RevoUnistaller for the easy and clean uninstall

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