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Is it possible in SQL to do grouping by LIKE patterns? I would like to achieve something like this:

1 | Mike  
2 | Bob  
3 | Bill  
4 | Alice

and then doing query like: SELECT name from users group by _pattern_
For example I would like to get groups by matching patterns 'B*', '*l*' and 'Mike' would give the output:

B*  | Bob
    | Bill
*l* | Bill
    | Alice
Mike| Mike
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Thanks for all answers. – Wojtek Jul 28 '10 at 11:47
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Select 'B*' as Mask, Name
from Table
WHERE Name like 'B%'
Select '*l*' as Mask, Name
from Table
WHERE Name like '%l%'
Select 'Mike' as Mask, Name
from Table
WHERE Name like 'Mike'
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If you want the same record to appear multiple times according to the pattern it matches, you should use multiple SELECT statements with the relevant filters and UNION them together..

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You can query against the patterns in a set structure then GROUP BY or DISTINCT to remove dups, below is a way with an MSSQL CTE (temp table/table var would work also);

with match (pattern) as (
          select 'B%'
    union select '%l%' 
    union select 'Mike' 
from TABLE, match where like match.pattern
group by pattern, name

%l%     Alice
%l%     Bill
B%      Bill
B%      Bob
Mike    Mike    
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