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to analyse and validate the log,

log will be of the form,

sent from client 3010 <"xyz"|P1|P2|P3......Pn>##VAL1=dat1,val2=dat2,val3=dat3##

response to client 3020 <"xyz"|P1|P2|P3......Pn>##VAL3=dat3,val3=dat3,val1=dat1##

i need to validate/analyse if 3010 "xyz" and other params are same as desired also from the response line(next line)

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On Unix:




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Looks like a job where regular expressions with capture groups might are cool, at least until you hit a certain volume, at which point you might want to switch to a LR parser or such for performance reasons.

Regex with capture groups exist in a myriad of standalone tools and programming languages. Pick any of them that seem good to you.

If you need the performance of a parser though, you may want to look into what parser generators you can operate, rather than writing your own.

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