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I'm trying to create a web service client using Axis2. I would like to use Maven 2 to generate the necessary classes from the WSDL I have but the documentation for the wsdl2code plugin isn't helping me. Does anyone have a working example of a basic pom.xml that will generate classes from a WSDL?

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Maybe this other post can help you.

The Axis2 code generation module should be the main player in this and you can add a pom entry like the following for it:


Maven transitive dependencies should then cover the rest.

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I can't believe that worked. How stupid is it that the documentation they provide doesn't even state this... I was having all sorts of issues just building something it generated the code for. Switching axis2 to axis2-codegen solved the compilation issue... –  Nick Klauer Apr 30 '12 at 15:50

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