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Did I understand right from this page that Cargo Maven plugin doesn't support hot remote deployment to GlassFish 3.x? If I'm wrong, how can I configure it to support such type of operation?

Maybe I should use some other plugin? I'd like to deploy to GlassFish remote installation, through HTTP, in "hot" mode.

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What do you mean by "hot" mode exactly? –  Pascal Thivent Jul 29 '10 at 8:39
GlassFish is working, domain is started already, application is already there. We need just to re-send it. And GlassFish will redeploy it. –  yegor256 Jul 29 '10 at 10:06

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This is what I've done so far:

          <tempfile property="ant.temp-ear" deleteonexit="true" destdir="/tmp" />
            tofile="${ant.temp-ear}" verbose="true" />
          <exec executable="${glassfish.home}/glassfish/bin/asadmin" 
            <arg value="--user=${glassfish.username}"/>
            <arg value="--passwordfile=${glassfish.passwordfile}"/>
            <arg value="--interactive=false"/>
            <arg value="--host=${glassfish.host}"/>
            <arg value="--port=${glassfish.adminport}"/>
            <arg value="deploy"/>
            <arg value="--force"/>
            <arg value="--name=${project.artifactId}"/>
            <arg value="${ant.temp-ear}"/>

Works perfectly, but asadmin (and the entire GlassFish, I assume) has to be installed on the same machine where mvn is executed.

Is it possible to perform the same task with Cargo plugin?

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