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What is, or should I ask, is there, an equivalent to DllMain when creating a dll using C++\CLI?

Are there any restrictions on what cannot be called from this initialization code?

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Dan: With respect to the loader lock, C++/CLI's delay load of the CLR and proper initialization for a mixed mode binary, I just posted yesterday on the subject here.

More or less, if you have a mixed mode binary, you must not cause any managed code to run while you are in DllMain().

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Since .NET 2.0 you have a "module initializer". See here for more information on how that solves the loader lock problem and also here

For a direct answer to your question, this page quotes the standard which says: "There are no limitations on what code is permitted in a module initializer. Module initializers are permitted to run and call both managed and unmanaged code."

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If you're using the dll in another managed project (a c# application for example), you don't need to do anything... As long as the classes you try to access are ref classes, you can access them from any other managed application.

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One giant advantage of .Net dlls is that they avoid the loader lock. One side effect is that there's no DllMain.

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how do they avoid the loader lock? if the need to load a native dll couldn't that cause a loader lock? –  DanJ Dec 13 '08 at 20:05
Loading a .Net dll avoids the loader lock because a .Net dll isn't a native dll. Loading a native dll would contend for the loader lock because a native dll is a native dll. –  Windows programmer Dec 15 '08 at 2:38
These comments only apply when compiling with /clr:pure Simply /clr by itself creates a mixed library, containing both native and managed code, and the native part will have a DllMain that runs under loader lock. –  Ben Voigt Feb 6 '10 at 18:39

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