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In java i have two variables

String string;
int integerValue;

I want to convert these values to unsignedbyte that is How to convert string to UnsignedByte and integer to UnsignedByte

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Which UnsignedByte would that be? The Axis one? If you could add the package name that would be great. It would also be good if you could elaborate on what you want to achieve, because there are possibly alternative methods or best practices for that. – extraneon Jul 28 '10 at 12:55
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Java does not have an unsigned byte.

Converting from String to short is done by Short.parseShort(string)

If you are referring to Axis's UnsignedByte class, you can use the constructors:

new UnsignedByte(sting);
new UnsignedByte(integerValue);
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Java does not have type like unsigned byte, you have to use larger short for this (for unsigned int it has to be long).

short s = (short) integerValue;
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