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I'm looking to search my emails for particular bits of text (or sender name) to be able to do things to those mails afterwards (i.e. delete, move to folder, remove content, etc.)

Being an Outlook macro newbie, where should I start? Any ideas/pointers on the above or useful reference web sites much appreciated.

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You might like to consider Restrict: (note the code samples at the bottom of the link)

And Find:

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The best source for knowledge on MS Outlook automation AFAIK is Sue Mosher and her site. Her books are also helpful (I'm using Microsoft Outlook Programming for Outlook 2003).

Speaking of your question (searching for specific string in body of the email) check this thread on

As your question is quite general I hope this will help you to begin with the subject.

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Cheers - I'll have a look for this book. – Umber Ferrule Aug 2 '10 at 10:19

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