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I'm looking for a couple projects to help me learn MVC, LINQ, and maybe a little jQUERY. I've got a couple ideas - the top one is creating a complete bug tracking system or support ticket system.

Do any of you have any suggestions regarding what I could try? I would rather have something more advanced and something with actual utility. These will go in my portfolio, so it'd be nice to be able to show them off in the future.


I want to give you all a little green check mark but alas I cannot :( Thanks for the suggestions. I will use them all.

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I would suggest writing a blog engine. The posts, comment threads, categories, and tagging will give you some practice with MVC. Also, a blog engine is a great place to show off jquery use in both presentation with menus, etc, and with AJAX to post comments asynchronously.

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I would suggest you write an RSS reader:

  1. You will have collections of articles/news and lots of filtering on them, that means LINQ practice.
  2. User interface will not be too complicated, you need lists and filtering inputs/links so it is good for practice(clean html)
  3. You will use jquery for sure, and mvc and jquery work together very well

Hope this helps

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You could also write an image gallery. That would help you work with main technologies and deal with uploading files too.

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