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I have been using pdfbox for extracting text information from PDFs. I have succesfully parsed all properties of text such as fontname , fontface , size ,position etc.

PROBLEM: I am using pdfbox1.2.1(latest version). The getCharacter() in TextPosition class returns the full string except the last character. The last character is parsed as a separate string.

Ex: "How are you" is parsed as "How are yo" and "u" (2 separate strings).

I dont want it to happen that way..

Has anybody come accross this? .. Am i doing something wrong??.. Waiting for reply..

Thanks and Regards, Magggi

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I don't think you're using it wrong. There is a PDF I work with that returns every character as a separate String. Unfortunately, I don't really have much of a solution for you. I would be curious to know the answer too. – Adam Paynter Jul 28 '10 at 14:22
I am able to extract lines of text from PDF.But within every line, the split as mentioned above occurs. – Magggi Jul 28 '10 at 14:26

This issue is solved.

The following code in processEncodedText( byte[] string ) in

if( spacingText == 0 && (i + codeLength) < (string.length - 1) )

should be changed to

if( spacingText == 0 && (i + codeLength) < (string.length) )

Regards, Maggi

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Yes. This issue is solved by pdfbox.
Try latest version of pdfbox. The latest version can be downloaded from

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