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I want to perform I/O operation in c++. I want to store a pointer to fstream object and using that same fstream I want to read and write to that file. Is it possible without using two different objects i.e ifstream for reading and ofstream for writing.

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Yes, fstream can be used for reading and writing. Is this what you want to accomplish?

// Your fstream object
 std::fstream a("coco.txt");
 // Buffer
 char foo[100];

 // Write
 // Rewind
 // Read

 // Display
 // Clean up
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This is what I was doing expecting to write and read but one stipulation to this is file must exist. Like object instantiation of fstream does not creates a file. And that was the reason I was not able to achieve what I asked in my question. –  rkb Jul 28 '10 at 15:23

Yes, an fstream is specifically intended to support both reading and writing (it derives from both ifstream and ofstream).

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Almost. It derives from istream and ostream (via iostream). –  Mike Seymour Jul 28 '10 at 15:07

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