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I am interested in moving a number of my projects from Visual Studio and Access/Office Basic with a SQL back-end to the Linux world.

Are there any utilities available to move code over to a similar platform on Linux?

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Here's a link to the Mono Migration Analyzer to get started. It will help you pinpoint Microsoft specific calls, but you'll probably have to do the db conversion and data access layer manually. You may be surprised - mono does have a System.Data.SqlClient namespace so you may not have much work to do.

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OpenOffice has a Basic interpreter which is largely compatible with VBA. This may help you with your Access applications. The OpenOffice versions should run on both Windows and Linux.

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There are some flavours of OpenOffice that include native support for VBA. The version included with Ubuntu is one example, and the Novell version for Windows is another. For more details and a list of versions with this feature, see this article on linux.com.

They don't support all features of VBA, but they will reduce your conversion effort.

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