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I have a project that is using both jQuery 1.3.2 and YUI 2.6, and it has come time to pick one or the other. I have a lot of developers that love jQuery and can't live without it, but I think some of the features of YUI 3 are a better fit for the project (e.g. the base widget).

I was trying to find a mapping of functionality between jQuery and YUI 3, and found jQuery - YUI3 Rosetta Stone, which compared jQuery 1.4.2 to YUI 3.0.0. I am looking at YUI 3.1.1 or the 3.2.0 preview, and wonder if there were other resources? For a brief moment, I was tempted to write a adapter/shim layer, but think that would just confuse the issue and it is better for developers to work in one paradigm or the other.

Update: I see the above content has been migrated to http://www.jsrosettastone.com/, and "The YUI team has graciously taken over the upkeep." It now compares jQuery 1.4.2 and YUI 3.1.2

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Is there a reason you cannot use both perhaps? I know, I know, 2 frameworks!! All hell breaks loose! But you could still use jQuery for low level and common functionality, and YUI for widgets. There are both designed to be pretty non-polluting, and jQuery-min is tiny enough –  Java Drinker Jul 28 '10 at 17:24

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Carlos's Rosetta Stone is the best resource I know of comparing the two libraries feature-for-feature. If you find inaccuracies given the evolution of YUI since 3.0.0, Carlos does have the resource up on GitHub and welcomes updates/contributions to it.

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I'm slightly confused. If you don't want to rewrite your jquery code: include jquery. If you want to use only one library and that's yui: rewrite the legacy jquery code to yui.

But if you're moving from yui2 to yui3, you'll have to rewrite the yui code as well, they're different enough. I think the first thing you need to do to have think - if there are resources for a refactor, I'd avoid thinking in shims and extra layers.

The personal opinion though is yui3 is still not quite ready for primetime, despite all the cool and very elegant stuff they're doing.

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