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I have a problem with redirection, in my work I have to make a connection to a URL that automatically go to another URL at this point it takes the credential (username and password) and redirect to a URL that contains a parameter which need me. How can I take this parameter?

To be precise, I have to do this:

Embed a Web browser with the URL with your client_id and the type set to user_agent. Since your application is embedding a small window, you can trigger a compact "popup" version of the authorization dialog with the display parameter:

After the user authorizes your application, we redirect the user back to with the access token in the URL fragment: Intercept the redirect above and read the access token out of the URL. Use the access token to fetch data from the Graph API on behalf of the user:

I need access_token.

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you can use apache http components httpclient to do this, it will automatically follow redirects

HttpClient client=new HttpClient();
GetMethod get=new GetMethod("");
int status=client.exectueMethod(get);

Then you will have the information you need in the Location header of the response which you can access by using:

String location=get.getResponseHeader("location").getValue();

and parse the location-header for the url fragment you want.

hope that helped

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I tried your suggestion but it return me the String: [Lorg.apache.commons.httpclient.Header;@409cb0f4 What can I do??? – Elena Jul 28 '10 at 19:46
did you forget get getValue()? – fasseg Jul 29 '10 at 5:55

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