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I there a way to tell all users not to use a CVS module (i.e. project) anymore?
Something like an "end of production" or "moved to ..." flag?

I mean other than deleting all the files in the module as my co-workers like to do.

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I put a cvs lock in the base directory of the module on the cvs server to prevent checkouts. touch "#cvs.lock".

Additionally, a system like ViewVC could allow developers to browse the contents of the old source code.

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Make all of the files read-only. Or do you want to prevent reads too?

Edit: this command will recursively remove write permission from files in a directory tree, on a *nix system, assuming you're in the root of the directory tree you want to change.

find . -type f | xargs chmod gou-w

(I had previously posted a command in a comment below that was just plain wrong.)

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no, read only would be fine. I there a CVS statement to do that or did you mean via filesystem means? –  Stroboskop Jul 29 '10 at 10:05
How do you mark files read only? If you explicitly change the filesystem permissions this will prevent a read only checkout too because the cvs lock file cannot be written during checkout. –  Leif Gruenwoldt Feb 1 '11 at 19:20
@leif81 - My comment above was incorrect. (I'll delete the comment and amend my answer. The command in the comment removed read permissions, and it also affected directories.) If you leave the write permissions on the directories, you should still be able to create a lock file, right? –  bstpierre Feb 1 '11 at 20:38

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