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I am working on a web application that install software on a server.

I can run the install by hand if I log in a user that is apart of a specific group then run install msi as administrator.

This specific group is apart of the local administrators group.

My app pool is running as Network_Service.

Do I impersonate then use the runAs verb? but then I need to know the u/p as user and u/p of Administrator .. I think

I am using the System.Diagnostics.Process classes.

       System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo oInfo = new System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo(str);
        oInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
        oInfo.ErrorDialog = false;
        oInfo.CreateNoWindow = false;
        oInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;

        Process p = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(oInfo);

        System.IO.StreamReader oReader2 = p.StandardOutput;
        string sRes = oReader2.ReadToEnd();
    return sRes;
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You need to set the UserName and Password properties to the login credentials of an Administrator account.

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You can't change the user context of a running process later on. I suggest u use windows authentication and impersonation to be sure the web request is executed as the authenticated user and besides that you don't have to care about the user credentials.

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