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def do_work():

def medications_subset2(b,drugs_needed):
            'ORAMORPH SR','ROXANOL','ROXANOL 100']
  print drugs_needed[1][0]

how do i print ASTRAMORPH (this is the first element in MORPHINE)

i NEED to make use of drugs_needed, since this is being passed in from do_work

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Can you define MORPHINE this way?

drugs = {
  'HYDROCODONE': [...],

then you can refer to it by

print ( drugs[drugs_needed[1]][0] )
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thank you very much. using this would how can iterate on all drugs in the morphine class? –  Yuck Jul 28 '10 at 17:56
@l: for drug in drugs[drugs_needed[1]]: ... –  KennyTM Jul 28 '10 at 17:56
THANK YOU VERY MUCH GOOOOOOOOD SIR –  Yuck Jul 28 '10 at 18:00
can you help with this stackoverflow.com/questions/3356209/… –  Yuck Jul 28 '10 at 19:04

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