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If you create a COMClass, I've noticed that the values in the XML Summary tag do not show in the object browser of VB6/VBA when you reference the resulting tlb file. Is there a way to have these values show up?

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No, 12 years of IntelliSense evolution prevents this from working. The XML documentation comments generates an .xml file that IntelliSense can pick up. In VB6/A, documentation is present in the type library with the helpstring attribute. For example:

interface IVBDataObject : IDispatch {
    [id(0x00000001), helpstring("Clears all data and formats in a DataObject object."), helpcontext(0x00033693)]
    HRESULT Clear();
    // etc...

Getting the same from your [ComVisible] class library requires the [Description] attribute. Note this answer for a quirk about the way it works for properties.

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Well that's bad news, but I'd upvote it twice if I could for the work-around. Thanks again. –  Oorang Jul 28 '10 at 21:26

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