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I'm having a weird issue where I have 2 dbi handlers and they are interacting with each other in some non-obvious manner. Specifically, I set up 2 handlers, one for an insert, and one calling a stored proc, and if I call them like

$insertHandler->execute('2010-05-01', '36200A3C1', 595795,'X', 3);

Then the insert fails b/c of a precision error. If I just switch the order to

$insertHandler->execute('2010-05-01', '36200A3C1', 595795,'X', 3);

Then they both work correctly.

Are there shared resources here or something that I don't know about? I'd like to be able to do processing on the results of said stored proc, so the situation at the moment is problematic.

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Please include the relevant code. –  Ether Jul 28 '10 at 20:30
do you mean you have two statement handles on a single db handle? if so, yes, there are several shared resources but like @Ether says, code sample is needed. –  coffeepac Jul 28 '10 at 20:37

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