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I need to select a node with a id attribute that I only know part of the value.

If I have several <tr> elements:

<tr id="foobar[1234]"></td><tr id="foobar[1235]"></td><tr id="foobar[1236]"></td><tr id="bar[1]"></td><tr id="foobar[1237]"></td><tr id="bar[12]"></td>

I only want to select the id's that start with foobar.

I've tried:


but it doesn’t work.

Any help? Thanks.

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A list of XPath 1.0 functions: http://www.edankert.com/xpathfunctions.html

If your implementations supports XPath 2.0, you get a lot of other ones.

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thanks alot ~:D –  Narven Jul 28 '10 at 21:06

Have you tried


I'm not certain this works, but it may.

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