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I have a 3 year old svn repo I just converted to git using git-svn. Then I cloned the new repo and want to copy it to a our main server (running ssh).

The git project is organized like this:


Following the instructions in the gitpro book, it says to use scp -r to copy it to the server, but I'm ending up copying the checked-out/cloned files, not just the git stuff, which I don't want (according to the book it should be "bare"). Do I just do "> scp -r ~/ user@other.server:/path/to/git-files"? And then clone via "> git clone user@other.server:/path/to/git-files/"?

Also, the repo's they toss around in the gitpro book are like "server.git"; is that just a naming convention?


TIA, Hans

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Okay, confusion cleared up, I needed to do this, which didn't resonate with me at first:

git clone --bare server.git

Then scp. FYI for future searchers...

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