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I created two layouts - one for portrait, one for landscape. All else is the same.

There are two layout folders in the project the second one (for landscape) was created using the layout-view in Eclipse and using the 'create' button for the layout after I designed it.

One folder (the default, created for the project) is: res/layout.

The other folder (automatically generated when I pressed the Create button for the landscape) is: res/layout-land-160dpi-etc, etc and a few other things defining it.

Running in the emulator: flipping the screen toggles correctly between the two layouts.

Running on the device (htc Aria): only the portrait layout is correct - when I flip the device it uses the same portrait layout, not the correct one.

Almost sounds like it's 'how the device handles it'... After reading several posts I'm a good bit confused now (and, 'yes', I have read the screens/layout info at the Android Dev site).

So, why would it work correctly on the emulator but not on device? Is there an issue with the name of the folder (mentioned above)?

Thanks in advance...

** Edited ** Yesss, I renamed it as suggested by Issiac and it works. I can't access the Add Comment button - it's buried under links to other solutions... what's with that? Thanks again!

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What is the full name of the layout-land folder? It should probably just be layout-land. –  Isaac Waller Jul 28 '10 at 23:24
Just for my own education - I came back this page using Safari and am able to access the Add Comment button. It seems Firefox messes up the site presentation (I did fool with it but, couldn't correct the problem). Thanks, Issac –  headscratch Jul 29 '10 at 0:08

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