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I find it is scrolling too much at a time when the mouse scroll wheel is used. I have a very short ScrollViewer (one line tall) that contains a few lines of items in a WrapPanel, and it is scrolling right to the bottom in one "tick" so that the middle line is never visible.

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Not nite solution but you could add a few panes with txt - one panel each line

ScrollViewer class uses IScrollInfo interface and there are 2 methods.

((IScrollInfo)myPanel).LineUp();// and LineDown()

add and method to UIElement.MouseWheel event and one rotation == one children of a panel

or you could use

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Hmm, I suppose if I could intercept the mousewheel event I could scroll the scrollviewer manually as you suggest, given that I know how tall a "line" is (which in this case I do). I'll try it out. – devios Jul 29 '10 at 16:04

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