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I'm developing a small project concerned with dicom imaging. In my project, a user can choose the dicom file to view, that's all. I get byte[] from dicom, but i don't know how to get image and how i show. i'm using with clearcanvas in c#. so, if u have sample or reference, please help me.

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There has been several questions similar to this related to rendering images with ClearCanvas. Please see the answer for this question and this question.

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i already read it,but,the problem is i m developing in normal win form,so,is it possible to use bitmapsource and image in win form?Another way i try is to convert byte[] to bitmap or image, but,it occurs error,"ArgumentException was unhandled parameter is not valid".i also find the way in clearcanvas forum,but,i can't,to tell you the truth i m not too strong in technology,i really face difficult in developing,Please guide me,Steve. Regards, Chong – Chong Jul 30 '10 at 1:46
Hi Steve, I have the same question. What you think about it. – y_zyx May 18 '11 at 12:24

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