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I set up a slideshow for my webpage with the following script, but can't find it out how can I make it repeat. I mean I want when it go to the last photo, it will repeat to the first one again. Any one can help please:

open this link and view the code source please:

Many thanks Wayne

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you can either set the number of cycles in displaymode: {type:'auto', pause:2500, cycles:[here], wraparound:false}, you should also try changing persist: true as it will remember the last viewed slide and recall it.

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HI Neo, could you have another look for my script again, its working now:

not sure what script should I overrided by your line: setting.playtimer=setTimeout(function(){slideshow.showslide('next')}, 2500)


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this isn't even working as you say it is. However if it was you could add following line manually to override anything:

setting.playtimer=setTimeout(function(){slideshow.showslide('next')}, 2500)
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