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I have an application with a primary window and a floating window with a tableview in it. When I modify in the primary window the input for the floating window (which makes the floating window inactive or not key) then the tableview does not show the new data in spite of calling reloadData: on the tableview.

I also tried refreshing the floating window (since it contains the tableview) with the following (without success): [[window contentview] setNeedsDisplay:YES];

So, the question basically is how to refresh a tableview in a window that is not the frontmost window, inactive if you will.


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Without code we can only guess... My guess is that the data you are modifying in the main window could not be the same as the floating window. (It could be a copy for example.) just a guess...

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The code is spread over half a dozen files, but let me elaborate about the problem. The datasource of the tableview in the floating window does get updated, but the window (and tableview) is not. So the problem lies with refreshing the window when it is not active (or not the key window) and simply reloading the tableview does not solve this. –  Bart Jacobs Jul 29 '10 at 7:58

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