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I have to create a web page for a online quiz which will display same questions in different sequence for each user. Now, I have written code which takes questions randomly every time when user visit that page. User goes to that page by login id and password. I have used random function in query which gives questions in different order for each user. But now problem is when i refresh that page question order changes for the same user. So i wants to disable refresh button. Can you please tell me how to disable it? or is there any other way?

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if you have been visited any secured site like banking site - what they did - they've not disabled the refresh button, but instead warn user if he refresh the page - it will be the end ! –  shahjapan Jul 29 '10 at 11:26

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You can't disable the button. You shouldn't be messing with the user's browser.

What you can do however, is to show a dialog asking the user if they want to leave the page.

<body onbeforeunload="return 'Are you sure you want to leave the page?';">
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Just generate and store question order once per session or login instead of on every request.

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It's impossible to disable refresh button.

You can try to save questions order in users session and then use it.

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beat me to it... –  Lex Jul 29 '10 at 7:16

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